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Asphalt Surfacing

Asphalt Road Surfacing is our core service. Our team lay thousands of tonnes of material each year and are capable of achieving a great amount per day. We use the latest in machinery and techniques to give our customers complete satisfaction and a precision finish every time. 

In the case of roadways, a base course and binder course are prepared starting with larger aggregates at the base and smaller aggregates towards the surface course. This method is widely accepted as the best way to spread the load and give a reliable and durable finish.

SMA surface course (stone mastic asphalt) – suitable for high speed which is reinforced with fibres and can produce less noise for traffic.
HRA chips (hot rolled asphalt) – suitable for high speed roads 
Porous asphalts and low carbon asphalts

We carry out asphalt surfacing on a variety of projects, for example, adopted and unadopted highways, 278 and section 38, retail car parks, new build housing, commercial, health service.

Asphalt Laying Paver
Paver and roller road surfacing