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Lay Binder Course

McDonalds Long Sutton

Employed by McDonalds Long Sutton Restaurant to resurface overflow car park. Re-engineered existing levels to provide sufficient gradient, installed ACO drainage system connecting into existing drains. Re-graded existing sub-base to reduce cart to tip and relayed new macadam binder course and stone mastic asphalt surface course. Work completed within 2 weeks taking out and relaying 140m kerb 32m ACO and regarding and surfacing over 750m2.

High Park School – Bradford

Frank Tucker Ltd were awarded the contract located at High Park School, Bradford by FMP joint venture group to complete the surfacing to two schools in close proximity. The total surfacing package was in excess of £180,000.

The general scope of work was:

Complete areas of binder course left by other contractors.
Provide surface courses to playgrounds and footpaths
Complete the construction of access roads and car parks
Carryout necessary road planning in preparation for surfacing

Due to the short notice Frank Tucker Ltd had to develop sound working relationships and practices with a new client very quickly in order that the contract ran smoothly and was ultimately handed over on time. This was achieved by our experienced contracts team and in excess of 1300t material was laid over a 3 week period to the satisfaction of our client.

McDonalds Nuneaton

Frank Tucker Ltd were awarded the contract to re-surface the existing car park and new dual drive thru lane at McDonald’s restaurant in Nuneaton. The main contractor Mark James Contract Building Services have used our services for the last 2-3 years.

As with all McDonald’s contracts the deadlines are very tight and all parties concerned worked well together to produce an excellent end product.

The general scope of work was:

Carryout necessary road planning to achieve design falls (Day 1 Visit 1)
Provide and lay regulating material to achieve design falls (Day 1 Visit 2)
Provide and lay binder course to new DT lane and various car park extensions (Day 1 Visit 1)
Provide and lay 35mm thickness 10mm SMA to entire car park (Day 1 Visit 2)
Installation of associated thermoplastic lining.

All work was carried out over 2 visits both consisting of 1 day and all work was carried out in conjunction with numerous trades completing extensive alteration works to the building so liason with other trades was vital. In total some 200t of material was laid in difficult circumstances and all to the ultimate satisfaction of our client.

Aldi Bramley

Frank Tucker Ltd were awarded the contract to provide and lay base, binder and stone mastic asphalt surface course to the newly constructed Aldi store car park in Bramley.

The car park was prepared by others and a tight 3 day program was allowed to complete works for the hand over.

The general scope of works was:

Provide and lay 300t 28mm base
Provide and lay 270t 20mm binder
Provide and lay 250t 10mm SMA

All works were completed early October 2013 to the satisfaction of the client.